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Did you realize that by and large your protection will supplant your Roof!? Believe it or not, in the event that you have Hail Damage or Wind Damage brought about by the numerous tempests we get every year, you might be secured. We can help you through the entire procedure. The following is a general format of the procedure.
We comprehend that numerous mortgage holders might have questions concerning the case handle and might be reluctant to open a case since it might appear to be overpowering. We have point by point the straightforward procedure beneath so you can comprehend what's in store. The case procedure is straightforward and nothing to fear! We have you secured!

• We do a free assessment on your rooftop to decide storm harm.
• If you have enough harm 25% or more, you can now call your insurance agency and make a case. We will offer you some assistance with doing this.
• An agent will call to plan an arrangement for an investigation (we should be available).
• If your agent affirms storm harm, they will send in a report to your insurance agency.
• Check Process: You will get your first check and breakdown of any remaining installments from your insurance agency. We will go over any supports that should be set aside a few minutes.
• You will need to sign the back of the check, Power Roofing and Construction will sign it, and you will then take the check and the full agent's worksheet and have it embraced at your home loan bank office approved to sign property misfortune checks.
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• You will give back the check to us after your bank embraces it and we will buy materials and start on your new rooftop.
• We will drop off a dumpster on the principal day of your rooftop reproduction.
• In 2-3 days, we'll have put another rooftop on your home.
• Your city will send an assessor to sign the grant structure affirming the employment was finished properly.
• Enjoy your new rooftop on your home!
• Wait, won't my protection get raised or dropped in the event that I make a case? Extraordinary inquiry, no, Our previous Governor Jeb Bush passed a state law after the 2004 tropical storms, that insurance agencies cannot raise or drop you because of tempest related cases.

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