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Roofing Installation in Altamonte Springs, FL

When it comes to the roof of your home or business, it is important to know that it is doing its job correctly. A damaged, old, or incorrectly installed roof can end up causing thousands of dollars in repairs as it is no longer able to keep the elements or wildlife out like it should. Do not wait to correct your roof until you are facing a disaster or an expensive interior renovation. Ensure the safety of your home by investing in roofing installation in Altamonte Springs, FL from Power Roofing & Construction.

Even if you take good care of your roof, it will eventually age to the point that you will need to invest in full roofing installation services. To ensure the success of the replacement process, we encourage you to reach out to the friendly, knowledgeable, and skilled staff at our roof installation company. With more than 12 years of experience, our staff is able to work on all types of roofing to ensure your installation is performed correctly the first time.

When you are wondering if you need a new roof, it is time to speak to our professionals. We are committed to complete customer satisfaction and everything we do is to ensure that you are pleased with the level of service we provide for you. From our first discussion with you about your project to the final follow-up after the service is complete, we answer your questions and help you make the smartest decisions regarding the upgrading of your property’s roofing system.

Roof Installation Company with Exceptional Service

Your roof plays such an important role in keeping your home safe that you need to know you can trust any roofing installation services you receive. The best way to ensure that your new roof is being installed correctly is to work with trained professionals like those found at our roof installation company. A less experienced roofing company might seem like a cost-saving measure at first, but a simple mistake on their part could mean major expenses and repairs for you in the future. Avoid the stress of having a new roof installed by turning to us to meet your installation needs.

As our customer, you are able to depend on us to provide you with exceptional service while we are performing your roofing installation. Our team is always very honest and open with you when informing you about the current condition of your roof as well as the best ways to go about fixing it.


Although the work we complete is on the exterior of your structure, our roofers never forget that we were invited to your home. That is why we remain very respectful of your landscaping; always act with integrity, and work efficiently to make sure your project is completed within the proposed timeline. Clients are encouraged to turn to our roof installation company when they are in need of services for any type of roof, including:

• Asphalt • Tile • Flat • Metal

Are you unsure about what type of material makes up your roof? Maybe you are curious about the type of new roofing option is right for you or are interested in a unique type of roofing. No matter what type of questions or concerns you might have, our licensed, bonded, and insured team is ready, willing, and able to assist you. We provide helpful advice on whether you should stick with the same type of roofing material you currently have or if it is a smarter investment to update it to a different material.

Signs You Need Roofing Installation Services

Storm damage can be an easy indicator that it is time to look at fixing or repairing your roof. Not all of the signs are quite as obvious as dripping ceilings, however. Old age tends to be one of the biggest factors for needing to completely replace your roof. For many homeowners, however, it is pretty easy to let the days pass with the assumption that your roof will stand the test of time. That is, until, major damage begins to show itself in your structure.

The team at our roofing installation company encourages you to pay attention to the different warning signs that your roof is giving you that it is time to update or replace it. Your roof has to work properly if it is going to successfully protect your home from damage and keep you and your loved ones safe from the elements.

Taking note of changes in its integrity can actually end up saving you thousands of dollars in the long run. Even better, it will add additional value to your home, making a roof replacement a smart investment. Some of the signs that you are in need of services from our roof installation company include:

• Breaking and Damage to Your Flashing
• The Surface of Your Roof is Not Longer Even
• Shingles Come Down During High Winds or Storms
• Bald Spots on Your Shingles Due to Missing Granules
• Leaking Inside Your Home During Storms
• You Have Noticed Dark Spots or Mold on Your Shingles
• You Have Noticed Many of Your Neighbors Have Gotten New Roofs

Don't hesitate to schedule an appointment with us or to contact us to discuss roofing installation services for your home. We are proud to serve clients in Altamonte Springs, Orlando, Conway, Winter Garden and Palm Coast, Florida, as well as the surrounding communities.


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